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It's pretty damn great, and I'll cop to even liking the score a (very) little bit; it's intrusive and weird, but other than the main credits theme, it adds a sort of heightened loopiness that I liked.

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He wants Gaston to help him get back into the castle in order to kill the Bishop.Then suddenly Etienne receives an unexpected sign of hope in the person of Philippe, a young and cunning thief…Navarre knows he must seize this fearful opportunity to free himself and Isabeau from the Bishop’s diabolic spell – or bring them death… high out of hardboard, plaster, real stone and tiles, an awesome edifice of Corinthian columns and arches. Rome/Filmstudios - The interior of the church's set had taken months to build and with great craft. It’s just not possible to shoot in there because it’s part of history and needs to be protected. Just to demonstrate how small errors can have their impact. The concrete studio floor was “carpeted” with a composite of rubber so the horses would not slide too much. The structure of this “pavement” looked just like big cobblestones and felt that way as well. So any dialogue on horseback was out the holy window. Apart from me riding the stallion in through this door, was the fact that the scene we were about to shoot here was also one of my most challenging.Castell'Arquato (Piacenza) Rocca Calascio, near L'Aquila (the ruined castle where Imperious was living) Castello di Soncino (near Cremona) Misurina (near Cortina d'Ampezzo) Campo Imperatore (in the Gran Sasso Mountains) Torre Chiara Castle (near Parma) Inside the Cinecittà Studios, the sets for this production were magnificent. Lauren Shuler, the producer, who put the whole 'Ladyhawke' package together, had worked for almost four years to get this movie into flight, after having bought up the option from an original script by Edward Khmara. Dick had been notified and came storming out the door shouting across the street, “RUTGER... By the same token the control over lighting scenes by our great Director of Photography Vittorio Storaro would be impossible. The final scene of 'Ladyhawke' will take place here. Now I’m talking about the best set builders, the best painters, designers, what have you. Navarre (my character) is supposed to ride on horseback, get off and have a swordfight before embracing his long lost love. Sword fighting skills, riding skills and acting as well.The younger siblings of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been sneaking around for at least three months according to multiple Palace insiders.Prince Harry and Pips allegedly finally gave into their so-called “long-simmering attraction” that first started at the Royal Wedding of the Century.

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