Validating multiple fields in flex

flash.globalization - A new package added to Flash player version 10.1 to access locale-specific functionality provided by the operating system on which the Flash player is running.

Number Formatter - A class in flash.globalization that provides locale specific formatting of numbers.

The identification of a locale can be further tailored using variants and keywords. In this syntax a locale ID consists of several sub-tags, that specify the language, script, region, variants, and key value pairs. the locale ID for Germany using the German language and sorting by the phonebook sort order is: [email protected]=phonebook.

That creates confusion for the end user so it is always recommended that use your custom validation error message when validating a control.

Hi - I know very little about javascript and I've been tasked with creating a form which validates the entries in 5 different password fields as well as other fields such as email etc.

The idea is that you have to enter 5 correct and different passwords into the form and only if all 5 are correct will you be forwarded to a thank you page. 90% of the javascript logings i have seen are easy to pass.

Introduction In this example we will explain the basics and widely used j Query validation in ASP. Using a library to do form validations can save much of your development time.

The j Query Form validation library is the most popular validation library and I think one of the easiest libraries to use in web forms.

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