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African Off-Road Academy offers from Advanced Defensie Driving to Advanced 4x4 & Off-Road Driver training aimed at the learner that wants to make driver training a carreer.

African Off-Road Qualifies Instructors, Assessors, Moderators and training providers.

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We have written records of History ranging back about 6000 years.

According to mainstream doctrine, humans go back at least 200 000 years.

Or, 2) that Iapetus was indeed a Deathstar world -- created as an instrument of war by that same civilization (which is still humans primary occupation, isnt it?

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The other side says it is lost because of cataclysmic events and widespread destruction.

I endorse this second, currently unpopular version of prehistory.

Investing in a 4x4 Training program, is investing in yourself!

Not only wil you prevent unneccessary damage, wear and tear to your vehicle and the environment but you will be able to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

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