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The fighting in Singapore lasted from 8 to 15 February 1942 although this was preceded by two months of British resistance as Japanese forces advanced down the Malaya peninsula.

It resulted in the Japanese capture of Singapore and the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history.

The incident has also raised debate online by Singaporeans on the issues of overcrowding and increasing numbers of migrant workers in Singapore.

However, he later claimed he was not the man in the video, although he did attempt to stop the rioting.

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The police and SCDF personnel attempt to extract the victim's body from under the bus. The National Environment Agency (NEA) starts cleaning up the area after the investigations are completed.

They also cover the bus driver and his assistant as they move from the bus to the ambulance. In a police statement released to the media on 9 December, it was specified that of those arrested, 24 were migrant labourers from India, two were migrant labourers from Bangladesh and one was a Singaporean permanent resident.

The mob is aggressive and pelts them with various items. The Singapore authorities commissioned a committee of inquiry to study the reasons for the riot and its handling, as well as to review the government's management of areas where foreign workers congregate.

The bus driver requested assistance from a female time-keeper, who was from the Singapore School Transport Association and was responsible for handling transport arrangements, to get Sakthivel to alight, as the latter was causing trouble.

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