Rule mandating

Nearly 18,000 doctors and a Catholic hospital system challenged the regulation saying it would force them to violate their religious beliefs.

District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a nationwide injunction on Saturday blocking HHS regulation 1557, which “forbids discriminating on the basis of ‘gender identity’ and ‘termination of pregnancy’” in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with no exceptions for religious healthcare providers.

Its purpose was to ensure that minority coaches, especially African Americans, would be considered for high-level coaching positions.

Until 1979, when Art Shell was hired by the Raiders, Fritz Pollard was the only minority head coach in NFL history (which was during the league's early years in the 1920s) and by the time the rule was implemented, only Tom Flores, Shell, Dennis Green, Ray Rhodes, Tony Dungy, and Herman Edwards had ever held head coaching jobs (only Dungy and Edwards were actively head coaching at the time of the rule's implementation, though Shell and Green would later return to head coaching).

Colin Kaepernick became the center of controversy for his national anthem protest last season, but he was far from the only athlete leveraging pre-game festivities to protest. Soccer Federation took a controversial step to combat this form of protest on Saturday. After the initial protest by Rapinoe in September, the U. Soccer Federation released a statement expressing their desire to have players stand for the anthem."Representing your country is a privilege and honor for any player or coach that is associated with U. "As part of the privilege to represent your country, we have an expectation that our players and coaches will stand and honor our flag while the national anthem is played."Commissioners for America's major sports leagues have expressed similar thoughts, though they've differentiated themselves by voicing sympathy for an athlete's right to protest.

It now also includes all ethnic minorities, not just African-Americans.Dungy in particular had struggled for years before getting a head coaching job; he was often promoted as a head coaching candidate by Chuck Noll when Dungy was an assistant under Noll in the 1980s with the Steelers, but he would not become a head coach until 1996 when he took over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Since the Rooney Rule was established, several NFL franchises have hired African American head coaches, including the Steelers themselves, who hired Mike Tomlin before their 2007 season (The Steelers, however, had already interviewed Ron Rivera who is a Hispanic minority to fulfill the requirement before interviewing Tomlin, and Rooney himself contends that Tomlin's hiring did not result from the Rule).The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has officially announced the next iteration of a rule that will require the use of electronic logging devices (also known as electronic onboard recorders) for all drivers required to keep records of duty status.The rule has four basic parts: (1) The requirement to use ELDs, (2) Protections against driver harassment (3) Hardware specifications for the devices and (4) the hours-of-service related supporting documents drivers must continue to carry after the mandate.

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