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There were rumblings of salary issues, but since the news broke, Moss has kept quiet about exactly why he’s leaving the show he’s called home since its inception, for the past 25 years. A source tells Soaps in Depth that the veteran actress has given producers notice and signed a short-term contract in order to give writers a chance to properly write her character of Stephanie Forrester out.

Ronn Moss played the role since the beginning, and was one of four remaining original cast members for 25 years, along with Susan Flannery, John Mc Cook and Katherine Kelly Lang.

"I had to call the office at and no one knew how many times they have been married," Lang says.

Lang and Moss were in Sydney in February filming scenes for a series of episodes including a 20th-anniversary special.

She is asking the judge to block his right to be awarded spousal support.

Lang and D' Andrea had been married since 1997. Lang has » - TMZ Staff Per host Sara Gilbert's suggestion, the ladies of "The Talk" went on the air for the Season 3 premiere without an ounce of makeup.

But at some point it will be necessary for Ridge to return to the show.

, has started calling chiselled co-star Ronn Moss by his character's name, Ridge.

I love how Aiden is just an average bloke who defies the gay stereotypes that someone like Jason wants to put upon him.

Lane Davies briefly replaced Moss for a small amount of time in 1992. The character's fate was uncertain, although head-writer Bradley Bell confirmed in an interview with Michael Logan of TV Guide that he had plans for a recast should Moss choose not to return to the series.

Ridge (currently) is described by: "Currently CEO and the driving force behind Forrester Creations Empire, this debonair designer spent his entire life believing that he was Eric’s son, only to later learn that he’s not a Forrester at all, but rather the son of shipping tycoon Massimo Marone, and half brother to sailor, Nick.

Father to Thomas, Steffy, and RJ, and stepfather to Hope, the one-time conflicted lover has finally settled down with Brooke, the true love of his life." In December 2013 during an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Bradley Bell talked about a significant change in Ridge's personality following the recasting of the role.

He described, "He's become very introspective about the first chapter of his life, and the highs and lows of being married to a woman like Brooke.

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