New years dating ideas

Get some hot chocolate (and maybe spike it with something delicious and 21 ), hold hands, and wander around the kiosks looking for that perfect trinket.

Whatever you decide to do, do NOT decide to go ice skating, lest you fall victim to one of these.

But if you REALLY do need to go out on NYE and grind all up together, why not do it at a 24-hour party at Brooklyn’s Output?

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Here on this page are suggestions for various fantastic, creative, and local places for amazing, fun, and unique date ideas.

🙂 Every year I love setting new goals and with a passion I set out to achieve them.

The first week or so things are always smooth-sailing and my goals seem easy…

We made a pact when we got married - one date a week no matter what!

In this lifestyle blog we share our weekly dates, our family activities, and our favorite highlights of our life in hopes that readers feel inspired to go have their own experience feeling the lyrics "Friday I'm in Love".

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