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featured plenty of nostalgic callbacks that surely satisfied the show’s dedicated fan base. For those who have already finished watching all of Rory Gilmore would not have three phones in 2016. Kim has not just been hanging out in Stars Hollow this whole time. Kim wasn’t widowed or divorced or a born-again single mom; she was always married to a seemingly innocuous Korean man in a gray suit. Luke and Lorelai are not having real relationship issues.

There was Lorelai, saying that she “smelled snow.” There was Miss Patty’s school of ballerinas, twirling around in tutus; there was Kirk, pitching yet another one of his far-fetched business ideas. Why does someone need a personal phone, a business phone, and a Stars Hollow phone? I find it hard to believe that Luke would be upset at Lorelai for keeping her therapy appointments from him.

Lorelai: Alright, but no taking me to an art museum after hours and then to an empty Hollywood Bowl where you'll give me a pair of diamond earrings that you bought with your college money when all the time you're really in love with your best friend the drummer who's posing as our driver for the evening. The opening of the Netflix revival felt like we had all gone back home to Stars Hollow again—one could almost smell the fresh coffee wafting out of Luke’s Diner. It’s perfectly normal to want to keep therapy private! And what is so terrible about Richard Gilmore leaving some money for Luke in his will? Paris Geller wouldn’t even remember Tristan’s name, much less still care about him.But then as the four 90-minute episodes of unfolded, something strange happened: Those lovable, talkative characters we thought we knew so well suddenly start behaving in odd, unexplainable ways. Let’s just accept the fact that these two are perfect for each other and leave it at that; they’ve been through enough. If Paris Geller bumped into Tristan during a Chilton reunion, our money is on her pulling a Mariah: “Who?Rory has traveled the world, been published all over and still: Logan Expletive Huntzberger.Sure, he’s charming and so very blond, and his Huntzberger state of being adds to the Gilmore clan tension, but to put it eloquently as eloquently as I can: ugh, Logan.

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