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David declared £21,875 of discounts on 150 sessions with the trainer, while Samantha also received an £850 discount for ten sessions in December 2011.

(For the moment, Spectacles are sold exclusively in itinerant vending machines called Snapbots.) But the company’s vision of the future appears to be more expansive than that.

Whatever the explanation, there is no disguising the expansion of David Cameron’s girth as he heads towards 50.

Mr Cameron, who once described himself as a ‘middle-aged, slightly overweight jogger’, has been frank about his ‘great patriotic struggle’ with his weight, admitting: ‘I’m not as good as Samantha at controlling what goes in. She is very disciplined.’Fitness expert Max Willcocks said: ‘David Cameron does go for his runs, but it looks like he’s been neglecting his health and fitness regime.

Not only do we have news but we now have the facility to view the nest ‘live’ via latest satellite technology at the Glentress Wildwatch Room, thanks to the technical genius and skill of Bill Irvine and Tony Lightley from Forestry Commission for Scotland.

This is a truly exciting development for the project as the young birds from this nest are fitted with satellite tags so that we can track their progress for the first few years of their lives.

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