Amber portwood dating a registered sex offender

Amber Portwood was formerly engaged to Gary Shirley after the birth of their daughter Leah on 16 & Pregnant.Who could forget the romantic Walmart ring purchase, and the receipt - just in case she said no!You don’t want to sit on that man’s lap.” Saran later added: “He’s a red dot in the community," an apparent reference to online sex offender registry maps. SIMON: @Amber LPortwood you let a pedophile into your house congratulations AMBER: how is he a pedophile lol.. Stfu and be the little boy toy weak ass person you are. Needless to say, the dude is taking the art of savagery to new and exciting places these days.

She also plans to move out of their home with the children once the show stops filming.This website is not affiliated with the United States Government or any Federal or State government agency.reality star is seeing Mark Mc Daniel, a man who was convicted in 2004 of molesting her 8-year-old relative. Mama June Spotted Looking For Homes Mc Daniel, 53, served 10 years in prison for the crime and was released in March.In the days after Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was accused of dating a registered sex offender in a recent episode of the hit MTV show - Radar was first to report that the young man featured on the program had been falsely identified as a pedophile, and now Amber's inner circle is coming to her defense. " said Carol Zizak, the mother of Gary Shirley - the father of Amber's little girl and also featured on the show.Although she had not heard the news, even if it was true, Carol said it could happen to anybody, "It's like if you meet someone on the street -- you don't know 100% who they are." In last week's episode, Amber's date was identified only as "Chris" and several media outlets were quick to report that he was in fact Christopher Glen Hossman, 27, a registered sex offender in Madison County, Indiana.

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