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Description: Alvord Lake is a seasonal, alkali lake in eastern Harney County administered by The Bureau of Land Management.

The Alvord Desert playa is one of the largest playas in Oregon at 6 miles wide and 11 miles long, and is bounded by Steens Mountains to the west.

An occasional night on the couch may not be a big deal.

But when the snoring goes on and on, all night long, night after night, people get desperate.

Alsea Bay: For more information on Alsea Bay IBA, please see the Technical Site Report in the National IBA database.

Links:• Klamath Bird Observatory Important Aquatic Bird Site Description • IBA of the Month: Alsea Bay For more information on Alsea Bay contact: Paul Engelmeyer, Coastal IBA Coordinator at 541-547-4097 Location: Alvord Lake is a seasonal, alkali lake in eastern Harney County about 8 miles north of Fields, Oregon.

Reaching out for help can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never spoken to anyone about the abuse before.

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